Mike Frogan

Mike(Without his pants)

Mike Frogen is a character in Pet City. He is a Webkinz Tye-Dye Frog. He is considered to be the Anti-Hero of Pet City.


Goog Gonerson Sr.Edit

Goog and Mike are best friends, and treat each other like brothers.

Goog Gonerson Jr.Edit

Since Mike, and Jr.'s dad, Goog are best friends, Mike considers Jr. an honorary nephew


Coaco is Mike's horse.Coaco thinks of Mike as a fatherly figure and is always there is Mike needs a quick

Coaco, Mike's horse



  • Despite being a Webkinz, Mike wears Build-A-Bear Pants.
  • There are many similerities between Mike and Goog Gonerson Sr.
  1. They are both Webkinz (Tie-Dye Frog and Google)
  2. They are the only main characters( besides Erik) to wear clothes(Mike's Pants & Googs Santa suit.)
  3. They both have Lil' Kinz that look up to them (Cocoa & Goog Jr.)
  4. They both are best friend with the other one.
  5. They both live in Pet City.