The Pet Games are a popular video game in Pet City. It is a parody of The Hunger Games

The Pet Games lEdit

In the Pet Games l, there were 11 competitors.


Lord Bunnington- 11th Place

Erik- 10th Place

Tardy- 9th Place

Goog- 8th Place

Perry- 7th Place

Moose- 6th Place
Mike Frogan

Mike Frogen, the Winner of Pet Games I

Bruce- 5th Place

Chuck/Doug- 4th/3rd Place

Jenny- 2nd Place

Mike- 1st Place(WINNER)

The Pet Games llEdit

In the Pet Games ll, there were 12 Competitors.


The Pet Games lllEdit

In the Pet Games lll, there were 14 competitors.


Stacy Hopper- 14th Place

Bruce- 13th Place

Lord Bunnington/Erik- 11th/12th Place

Eduardo- 10th Place

Doug/Jenny- 8th/9th Place

Moose- 7th Place

Ted Hopper- 6th Place

Goog Sr.- 5th Place
Tardy Turtle

Tardy Turtle The third Champion

Perry- 4th Place

Chuck- 3rd Place

Mike- 2nd Place

Tardy- 1st Place (WINNER)

Pet Games lVEdit

In The Pet Games 4, there were 15 competitors


Erik/Goog/Stacy Hopper- 15th/14th/13th Place

Chuck/Doug- 12th/11th Place

Moose/Lord Bunnington/Bruce/Perry- 10th/9th/8th/7th Place

Lake, the 4th Cmampion

Eduardo/Tardy/Ted Hopper- 6th/5th/4th Place

Jenny-3rd Place

Mike-2nd Place

Lake- 1st Place

Pet Games VEdit

In the Pet Games 5, there were 15 competitors.


Lord Bunnington- 15th Place

Perry- 14th Place

Moose/Tardy/Erik- 13th/12th/11th Place


  • So far Tardy is the Champion to have ranked the lowest.
    • He ranked 13th/12th/11th in PG5.
  • The Pet Games 4 are first Games to feature a triple elimination, or a quadruple elimination.
  • Mike is the only character to be in the final two more than once, having done that 3 times(PG1, PG3, PG4)
  • The Pet Games 4 hold the record for the most irregular eliminations, with 13 competitors being irregularly eiminated.