Tardy Turtle

Tardy Turtle

Tardy Turtle is a character in Pet City. He is a pillow pet Turtle, with a deep voice.

The Pet GamesEdit

In the Pet Games, Tardy is a formidable foe. He is in a alliance with Moose, and has won Pet Games 3



Moose and Tardy are really good friends. They are usually in an alliance during the Pet Games.


  • In the beta show, Tardy wore glasses.
  • By winning The Third Pet Games, Tardy has set several landmarks:
    • He is the first winner to be a Pillow Pet.(Mike is a Webkinz, and Doug is a Ty)
    • He is the first winner not to be in an alliance with Cocoa and Goog.
    • He is the first winner NOT to regularly wear anything.(Mike wears pants, and Doug wears a collar)
  • He ia the only Pillow Pet reptile.(Four were mammals, and one is a bird)